Huddersfield, the 11th biggest town in England, may not be very familiar to the ears of foreigners, let alone locals. This small town which is located between Manchester and Leeds is also known for the Victoria Tower which was built to mark Queen Victoria’s 60th Jubilee Year, located on top of a hill that overlooks the beautiful scenic view of the town. It is very common to see canals, as well as in the university, as it has three canal tunnels that run along the River Colne and River Holme. This town is also surrounded by valleys and national parks. The Peak District National Park is located just five miles from the town centre and offers a picturesque landscape. The artistic souls may also find various art exhibitions and events suitable for all ages in the art gallery placed in the town centre. The Beaumont Park and Greenhead Park will also be pretty busy during sunny days, especially that it is summer time soon!

This small yet peaceful town is the home to University of Huddersfield whose former chancellor was the well-known Sir Patrick Stewart and now being replaced by the Duke of York. The university has also won the Higher Education Academy Global Teaching Excellence Award and Teaching Excellence Framework Gold Award in 2017. Fun fact, the very friendly Star Trek actor has just launched the newly installed particle accelerator in the campus. Another interesting historical fact about Huddersfield is that Sir Harold Wilson, who was serving United Kingdom as a Prime Minister in 1964 to 1970 and 1974 to 1976 was born and raised in this town. In front of the Huddersfield railway station, in St. George’s Square, stood an 8ft status of Lord Wilson to pay him a tribute as he has been one of the most successful politicians of the modern era. As football is very famous in this country, the local football club has recently been the talk of the town as they have just been promoted to the Premier League in 2017 for the first time and have earned another chance to compete in the next Premier League season. The John Smith’s Stadium, which is the home of Huddersfield Town, is also a witness to the success of Huddersfield Giants Rugby League. Overall, Huddersfield is suitable for those who enjoy tranquility for the countryside vibes but is only 15 minutes away from bigger city like Leeds and 25 minutes away from Manchester by train.

By Kezia Santoso