SCI 2020

PPI Greater Leeds’ annual event is back!

The Strategic Contributions to Indonesia or the SCI is the manifestation of contribution from the Indonesian Student Association in the Greater Leeds area, UK (PPI Greater Leeds) to the development of Indonesia in the form of a publicly open seminar. We invite experts, professionals, and scholars who are related to our topic to hold an exchange of views and share their knowledge about certain topics on Indonesia. Through the SCI, we also provide a great opportunity for all Indonesian students and members of the Indonesian diaspora across the UK to engage in building a global network with the guest speakers and audiences.

Since the inception of the first SCI in 2013, the SCI has reached its eighth event in 2020. The 8th SCI raises the topic on “Tackling Education Disparity with Digital Technology”. According to Indonesian Internet Service Provider Association, internet users in Indonesia account for 64.8% of the total population in 2018. The number rose significantly over the years since 2014 when there were only 88 million internet users, subsequently rocketed to 132 million in 2016. The figure consistently increased to 143 million in 2017 and hit 171 million internet users in 2018. The enormous pool of digital citizens in Indonesia is believed to build a huge potency to bolster the economic growth and social aspects in Indonesia. Nevertheless, while some people enjoy the broadening interconnectedness through digital technology, there is still a large pool of less fortunate children of the nation who do not enjoy an equal education access.

Referring to the data from Statistics Indonesia in 2019, the number of school dropouts within Indonesian teenager in the age of 16-18 in rural areas hit 29,36%. The figure is 10% higher than the percentage of school dropouts in the cities which reached 19,46%. Our attention in this matter is in line with President Joko Widodo’s mandates through the Ministry of Education and Culture to provide an equal distribution of education throughout the country. One of the approaches to shrink the inequality gap that is being taken by the government is through the advancement of infrastructure, including digital infrastructure.

In the 8th SCI, we aim to generate ideas, learn from experts, and create solutions to fight against education disparity in Indonesia through the use of digital technology. Let’s explore a great deal of opportunities that we can create as active digital citizens to improve the access to education in our nation. What are skills that we need to acquire to successfully conquer the global competition in the digital era? How to transform our digital lifestyle into a big leap of improvement in our society?

This is your opportunity to be heard and your chance to learn!