Marvel Avengers: Infinity War (Review)

Following the success of “Black Panther” last February, Marvel Studios continue to entertain us superhero movie lovers (basically everyone) with a masterpiece third sequel of Marvel Avengers: Infinity War part one that just came out on the cinema on the 25th of April. Finally the movie that everyone’s looking forward to see all year long, well who doesn’t get excited about a superhero movie? Especially if there is not only one hero, but all of the superheroes character from all Marvel previous movie (correct me if I’m wrong lol). Avengers: Infinity War featured with some big names in its cast such as: Robert Downey jr, Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth, Chadwick Boseman, and plenty more. It is such a pleasure and great timing for this movie to come out, because we know with all these deadlines that we have, this movie could be a good start to begin your summer vacation. Well the first two movies were amazing! Let’s admit it those two movies live up to its hype. So when we heard about the new Avengers movie, we already expect something that surpass the two previous movies. Now the avengers have to face their biggest enemy yet: Thanos who’s trying to collect all of the infinity stones to bring balance over the universe by destroying them. With the Avengers have to protect the infinity stones from Thanos to prevent world destruction, this movie will surely bring all the excitement that you could imagine.
So after seeing the movie, it is without a doubt will be one of the biggest and most epic superheroes movie of all time. The storyline was amazing, and those who likes plenty of action well this movie is definitely for you! The actors and actresses was outstanding in bringing the characters alive and most certainly the effects were mind blowing. All of the characters have their own incredible roles and all of them got the almost equal amount of screen time, which is good if you are a certain hero fan. Knowing Marvel, they will always put some comedy in all of their movies, and this movie brings all the humor that will make you laugh your guts off (lol). It is also cool how this movie brings all the characters together, by making a perfect storyline without forcing it. As the most expensive movie of all time, this movie is surely fun to watch and worth the wait! However something interesting is happening in this movie as well. Unlike the previous movies, this movie will give you an unexpected ending (uh oh spoiler alert). While some of the audience loved and speculate about the movie’s ending, some people are rather upset and questioning with how the movie ends. Well overall, Avengers: Infinity war is surely one movie to watch whether if you are a super heroes fan or not, this movie is pure entertainment at its best. Once again Marvel has left us with one true treasure of entertainment, and really looking forward to the second part of the movie.

Peace out,
Albert Sukandhi